Sisel Coffee

Sisel Coffee
Sisel Uk, Sisel Kaffe Coffee and Sisel International Coffee. 

Sisel Kaffe, along with Sisel International, based in Utah in the United States Of America ( USA), source, produce, promote and ultimately sell only the very finest ” Fresh Gourmet Coffee”.

Produced with the very best “Geisha Coffee Beans”, from the Boquete region of the Panamanian Coffee Growing areas, “Sisel Coffee” produce what worldwide coffee experts believe to be the best and quite possibly the healthiest Coffee in The World.

Sisel Coffee is a,” Gourmet Coffee Brand “, and one that Sisel Kaffe source, manufacture and ultimately sell through their Direct Selling Company and through their Fresh Gourmet Coffee, Geisha Coffee Beansgrowing band of independent, Sisel International Distributors, has been voted The Best Coffee In The World, for an eviable 12 consecutive years, making them one of the world’s best, Gourmet Coffee Companies.

Sisel Buy their “Bulk Gourmet Coffee” at the standard of (Grade 1) and only from the very best Panama, “Geisha Coffee Bean” growing plantations ensuring that every cup of coffee that the company makes and sells is always the finest coffee that is available and best of all, the coffee is sold at the very special, Sisel Kaffe Price, which for a coffee of this standard is nothing short of miraculous.

The World Coffee Association’s own tasting panel have voted that the coffee made by Sisel Kaffe Coffee to be the best coffee in the world, and with good reason. as Sisel Kaffe Coffee go to enormous lengths to achieve perfection by sourcing the very best, Geisha Coffee Beans for their own Luxury Premium Brand of coffee by bringing you what is considered to be the absolute best and healthiest cup of coffee available anywhere in the world today.

The gourmet coffee beans are chosen from the very best single estate Geisha Coffee Bean plantations located high up in the Sisel Kaffe Price, Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Sisel Logovolcanic rain forests of the Panamanian Coffee Growing Peninsular. Only the very best, Gourmet Coffee Beans, which are all hand harvested, selected and chosen by the Sisel Kaffe Coffee, team make it to the next stage of production. This coffee is then shipped directly to the Sisel Kaffe purposely built coffee processing plant, where they are processed using the very latest, state of the art, infra-red coffee cooking process.

Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Sisel International UK, Infra Red Coffee Cooker.

Fresh Gourmet Coffee is produced by Sisel Kaffe when they turn their chosen, Geisha Coffee Beans, into their Premium Brand of Coffee  by cooking, rather than roasting,  This is achieved in a state of the art, Infra Red Coffee Cooker, as mentioned above. This technologically advanced way of cooking the beans means that every single one of the gourmet coffee beans are cooked, all together for the correct amount of time and correct amount of temperature which creates an all over even cook and means you get a much smoother cup of coffee with absolutely no bitterness.

The cooked gourmet coffee beans are then lowered to a temperature of minus 150 degrees as this is the level where oil freezes. Lowering the temperature to this stage means that any natural oils that are extracted during the cooking process are also ground down to enrich the already flavoursome blend of coffee that SISEL Kaffe produce.

Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola

Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Organic Ganoderma

Organic Ganoderma

All of the Sisel Kaffe Coffee  products, in their entire coffee range also have an additional, four healthy ingredients, added to the coffee before it is packaged and sent for distribution by the growing team of, Sisel International Distributors. These four health enriching extracts and ingredients are, Chaga, Bacopa, Gotu Kola and Organic Ganoderma, all are completely odourless, thus making them the perfect coffee partners, as there are no flavours to spoil the already superb taste of the coffee.

Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Chaga


Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Bacopa



World Of Coffee

In the world of coffee, there can be many levels of people involved in the process of getting the product from the grower to the consumer and this can very often make the end product seem very expensive.

As Sisel Kaffe source, produce, promote and ultimately sell, only the very best Fresh Gourmet Coffee,  the company saves the consumer quite a large chunk of money off the price they would normally expect to pay for the worlds finest coffee.

The standard of this coffee though, is very different to the traditional coffee found in the vast majority of the world’s supermarkets, specialist shops and coffee shops.

It may be a surprising and as yet probably a very little known fact, that there are no fewer than 20 grades for each coffee type available in the coffee world today, with the higher the grade of the coffee, the more expensive the coffee will be and at the lower end of the scale is the coffee that you could sometimes find for sale at an amazingly cheap price in some supermarkets and convenience stores and even possibly some high street coffee shops around the world which goes someway to answering the age old question of “how they get the coffee to be so cheap”, WELL!!  now you know.Sisel Kaffe Coffee, Panama, home of the world famous, Geisha Coffee Beans

Sisel Kaffe, established in 2006, is growing at a remarkable rate and now holds a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, including the UK,  where it distributes its coffee, made from these superb gourmet coffee beans through Sisel International Distributors, details of which can be Found Here.

All of the Sisel Kaffe Coffee products, along with those of the parent company, Sisel International Products, can be found advertised on this website through any of the many links highlighted in bold, and to purchase the coffee and other items from the Sisel catalogue, just follow This Link

Sisel Kaffe

Although the product range of Sisel Kaffe alone is primarily its excellent coffee and now their one and only Sisel Sencha Green Tea, Sisel Kaffe is part of a much larger organisation, “Sisel International” and its this parent company that produces, promotes and sells some of the most potent and toxin free products that SISEL believe to be available to purchase anywhere on the planet.

It’s the core mission of the Sisel International company’s founder Tom Mower to produce the best products available, with ones that are safe to use, for all the family and also offer the best long term health benefits to their ever increasing base of loyal customers. This range of technically advanced products is testament only to their commitment in bringing to the world as a whole the best scientifically proven products available.

Products that Sisel International promote and sell are taken from the following categories: Health and Wellness, Health and Fitness, Weight Management, Beauty Products, Anti Aging,  Dietary Supplements and of course Coffee.

Sisel Kaffe Sisel International, Sisel Kaffe Products

Follow this link to the SISEL International main website and take a look at the superb range of products they offer:

Sisel International

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    June 17, 2015 at 10:21 am

    I have been trying to cut down on my coffee consumption, but with no success!
    I guess I am a it of a coffee addict… I just love it so much!
    Sisel Kaffe coffee certainly sounds nice, I think I will give it a try!


      Paul Bretherton

      June 17, 2015 at 10:21 am

      Hi John, Thanks for you kind reply. The coffee really is that good, if you are a true coffee lover like me. The Ground Black is great and the new Espresso is really good if you like the stronger coffee kick and dont forget the Mocha, definitely the best I have ever tried, by a long long way. Whatever you try, i am sure you will like. Paul

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